The Quirks of Declan

Dogs have personality. Our dear boy has a strong one. But I love it. He usually makes us laugh on a daily basis with all of his little quirks. The older he gets, the stronger they get. Introducing ten of Declan’s quirks:

  • Declan loves his head covered. He will find any curtain, blanket, or clothing to drape over his head.
  • When Michael leaves to go somewhere from the back door, Declan will run to the front of the house. I have to open the door and let him see our vehicle leave so that he knows Michael will be gone for a while. Then he will rest. If I don’t, he will whine and want to go outside multiple times thinking that Michael is still around somewhere.
  • Declan has some anxiety over very weird things. He refuses to allow us to take a picture of him with our phones if the volume is on. Anytime we get a text, message, or he here’s the click of the camera on the phone, he cowers and races to the basement to hide. This never happened when we had Androids or Blackberries. Apparently, Declan is not a fan of the iPhone.
  • He also has anxiety when I cook. It is ridiculous. I set the fire alarm off ONE TIME while broiling some chicken. He instantly bolted to the basement. When he got the courage to venture upstairs, he noticed the oven and fan were still on. So, he quickly went to the back door and barked to go outside. I think it’s the longest he’s ever stayed out there on his own. Now whenever he hears the oven beep, the range-hood fan on, or sees me put anything in the oven, he disappears.
  • Declan likes to play hide and seek. He will run to get a toy while Michael and I hide in random places. He frantically searches the house, tail wagging, until he finds us. It’s pretty funny when he goes for the toy again or a drink of water. He starts, hesitates, watches us, and then disappears to get the drink. Then he comes flying around the corner and the hunt continues for us again.
  • He is pretty adamant when he thinks it should be playtime and we’re ignoring him. He will whine and bring us multiple toys until we finally stop what we’re doing and give him some attention. Don’t even think about sitting or lying on the floor. It’ll be game over for your quiet rest.
Declan dropped the pig on Michael’s back and then backed up a bit and waited expectantly for Michael to play with him
  • Declan knows when company is coming. As soon as Michael and I start tidying and cleaning around the house, he is on high alert by the door. He’ll pace between the door and window waiting to see which exciting “friend of his” will arrive. We have to break the sad news to him on the days we are actually just cleaning up that no one is coming. Then he goes and sulks.
  • We also have to be stealthy when we plan to leave for a vacation or weekend away. We have to act like we are just doing laundry. Michael will take Declan for a walk while I pack the suitcase and put it in the car. If we don’t, he will whine and find anything he can to protest our departure, like getting into the garbage. To hear more interesting stories about that, see Declan’s Mischief. Thankfully to all who have read it, the Dutch Door has been a wonderful solution!
  • He believes that he should have a blanket or something special to lay on when it’s bedtime. Sometimes I’ll set clothes out for the next day or something I’ve just worn on a trunk that I have or another table. Come morning, it’ll be on the floor underneath Declan. He’ll steal anything we leave around on any surface in our bedroom if he feels like it might be comfortable. Michael’s heart always melts a little thinking that Declan just wants our scent and to be close to us. I just think he likes claiming our stuff for his and being a stinker.
  • The best thing is that he is really caring and loving. He is right by our side when we aren’t feeling well and he’ll bring us his favourite toys to comfort us. I thought a few times that he wanted to play when I wasn’t feeling well. I threw his toy for him and he just walked away. After a few times of this happening, I realized what he was doing. He wouldn’t whine to play. He would just bring the toy, look at me, and lay down near me.

I was sick in the bathroom in the middle of the night one time. Michael was sound asleep and didn’t hear his phone go off. I told Declan to go get Daddy. He darted up the stairs and tried to wake Michael. When it didn’t work, he grabbed a toy and started making noise. Finally, Michael got up, realized I wasn’t in bed, and came down to help. Declan was my little rescue buddy that night.

All in all, he is an amazing dog and is part of our little family. He may have his antics about him, but we certainly love him just the way he is.

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