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8 Inexpensive Christmas Traditions to Get Your Holidays Started

Who’s excited for Christmas this year?? I know I am! I can enjoy everything when I give myself more time to plan, rather than scrambling last minute to figure every event out. By doing this, it gives me greater room to be creative with meals and gifts, as well as reduce and/or spread out the expenses.  Plus, it helps extend the fun because I can think of things to do to make the holiday last rather than cramming everything into a few days.

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Blessing Other Kids at Christmas

Let’s put some excitement back into giving this Christmas. I know there’s so many adorable little babies’ clothes and lots of toys all around the stores. It’s tugging at your heart to want to buy them. You could buy some for your nieces and nephews. Don’t have any? No worries. I’ve got another idea for you.

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Shaking Things Up this Christmas

My parents never let us say that we were bored growing up. We had plenty of toys and things to do to entertain ourselves. We had friends in the neighbourhood. We really didn’t have an excuse. It used to annoy me when they said that, but now I’m so grateful that they did. I had to get creative as a child. I think it helps me now as well. There’s very rarely a moment that I’m lost in what to do. There’s always something.

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