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I Am the Gate of the Sheepfold

When you were growing up, did you ever try to block your sibling from coming in a room? You stood behind the door, feet planted, trying desperately to hold him off as he pushed from the other side? It was difficult!

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Guest Writers

Who’s Fighting for You?

Have you ever been in a season where the Lord keeps bringing back the same scripture? You could be in the supermarket and the kids are having a moment, having a bad day at work, or in the middle of a trial and God will just bring the scripture back to remembrance. It can make you giggle, give you comfort, and can also be a little convicting. That is what is happening to me in the season I am in. And as I navigate this season, I feel compelled to share in the hope to encourage. Because if he can fight continually for me then he can do the same for you. He shows no partiality.

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