Prayer – For those Going Through Testing

Dear Father, 

You are sovereign over the entire universe. You are the King seated on the throne. You are all powerful. You are also very intimate. You draw close to us when we seek You and comfort us in our time in need. 

Father, I ask that You would draw near to the couples who have been waiting for a while now. They have walked through the trenches of countless tests. Their bodies investigated over and over again. They are stuck waiting for the doctors to figure out whether they can have children. They shed numerous tears, all of which are counted by You. I know that You weep with them. I know that You lie there holding them tenderly as they grieve each bit of bad news. You hold them month after month through testing. You’re with them every new pregnancy and birth announcement from other couples. You help her face each baby shower. I know that You are in each doctor’s office and hospital room offering peace and comfort to these couples.

You are the Father of all comfort. You know what it is like to wait. Thank you for offering moments of encouragement. I pray that these couples will take opportunities to get away, refresh their marriage and renew their spirits. Thank you for the shelter of their homes; that they can hide away from the world when needed and have a good cry. May they turn to You and to each other in these times rather than isolating themselves and feeling ashamed. Thank you for the friends and family that come alongside them and encourage them as well. 

I think of how Jacob wrestled with You. He wrestled until he received Your favour. God, I pray that You would fight for these couples until they receive Your favour! Let them receive life; not just life, but abundant life! May they see Your face shining upon them as they await the unknowns. May they see You at work in every single detail. 

Father, reveal Yourself to them and let them know how intimately You love and care for them. It is in this time of battle that it can be so hard to see You and hear Your voice. There are times that Michael and I wrestle with you. There are times that we cannot tell what Your desire is, but we know that You are faithful and You have our best in mind. I trust that You have the best for these couples as well. 

Prince of Peace, I pray that You would come and wrap these couples up in a large blanket of peace. Tuck the husband and wife in the same blanket so that they may not only feel personal peace, but peace within each other and their marriage as well. The fight is raging and it is so easy to lose sight of each other and the dreams You have for them in this time of waiting. Equip them with Your peace, perseverance, and love for one another and for You through this hard time. 

May they have eyes to see the difference between Your work and the enemy’s. May their feet be set “in a spacious place” (Ps. 31:8). “You hide them in the protection of Your presence; You conceal them in a shelter.” (Ps. 31:20) Please equip them with the courage and strength they need to fight through this for as long as they need. I pray that the time of waiting will be short. I pray that they can receive help and counsel to deal with the grief and pain of this moment. Please send others to them that will clearly give them words from You to know which direction they need to take.  We trust that You will line everything up in Your perfect timing.

We rejoice in Your power and in Your mighty work. We celebrate Your trustworthiness and cling to the hope that can only be found in You. This is a battle that is far beyond our realm of control. We are unable to do anything on our own, but God, You are the miracle worker and the life giver. Breathe life into this couple and “renew a steadfast spirit within them” (Ps. 51:10b). Come Holy Spirit, come like a blazing fire. Burn new passion and life within these couples. May they be filled with Your presence and feel the sorrow and mourning diminish as joy takes over. Help them to not miss out on the present blessings as they yearn for things that might come in the future. Fill the voids in their lives with You.

We hope in You. Thank you that we can offer our praises and prayers before You because of the name of Jesus!


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