One Year Anniversary

Yay, Hope Through Hard Times is celebrating its one year anniversary! God has been so good and so faithful. It has been an absolute joy to share all the posts that we have with you this year. We pray that they have been a source of encouragement, discipleship, comfort, joy, and blessing to you all. We trust that God has worked in your life, and pray that He has become Lord of your life.

It was an absolute pleasure to introduce our Comfort Boxes to you as well! Thank you to all those who purchased one since the launch. We were greatly blessed by your interest and support. We sold 31 so far! All praise to the Lord for great beginnings.

So what’s next? Well, there are a few changes coming up that we wanted to let you know about:

We will only be posting twice a week. We’re switching up the structure of the blog posts a bit. We’ve got so much that we want to do for you beyond the blog that we needed to create more space and time for. I believe the best word for this is being intentional. While we absolutely love the blog, but it takes a lot of work to write and prepare four posts a week. So we’re going to go down to twice. We’ll do a faith post every Monday and then a different topic every Thursday. It’ll look something like Faith & Life, Faith & Infertility, Faith & Finances, Faith & Guest Writer.

That’s right, we’ve got some guest writers lined up that we’re really excited about! We’ll hear testimonies and thoughts from others of what God’s done in their lives and/or laid on their hearts to share. It takes community and sharing what God has done to help spur us on in our faith. We should be sharing what the Lord is doing, so that He can get the glory and the praise. So we look forward to partnering with others in this. If you have something that God has laid on your heart to share, send us an email at [email protected]. We’d be happy to prayerfully consider posting it for you.

If we come to your mind, please be praying for creativity, wisdom, and development. There’s lots the Lord has laid on our hearts for you. We’ve been working away at a course for women to disciple, challenge, encourage, and help with accountability. We’ll be sharing more about this later in the year. We’ve also got lots more Comfort Boxes coming your way, along with journals, art, and other ideas. If there’s something you’d like to see/have, let us know.

Thank you so much for all your comments, likes, prayers, messages, and support. It has really meant a lot to us. Your stories and God’s grace is what keeps us going. May you all be blessed with confidence, grace, strength, and joy as you begin this new year.

Hope in Him,

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