Michael… Excited?

I call Michael my “Steady Eddie”. He is calm and logical. He rarely shows any type of strong emotion.

Nothing was different about that on our wedding day. He was cool, taking every moment in. He had fun and enjoyed every moment of it, but the emotional radar was the same. 

That was until I discovered what really gets him going…

As the saying goes, “dog is man’s best friend”. Michael adores his “furry son”. Declan lies around all day sleeping. But as soon as Michael walks in the door, all fun and play breaks loose. Declan is so excited to see him and they have their little ritual. Declan will greet him at the door then hastily run and find a toy. He’ll lay on the rug in our living room and wait for Michael to pet him and say hi. (Because greeting him at the door wouldn’t be enough). 

Michael will grab a snack and then Declan knows it’s his special time after that. It’s time for his w-a-l-k. It’s their routine and they mutually love it. Declan will settle after that for a while until he feels like Michael should play with him around 8:00p.m. or so. They are best of buds. 

One day, Michael was lying on the couch in our living room. Declan was by his side and I was doing something in the kitchen. It was a relaxing and contented afternoon. 

Suddenly, some sirens went off in the distance. Declan quickly perked up and took a pointed stance as he listened. As the fire truck drew closer to our area, he threw his head back and let out a good howl. 

Michael went flying off the couch, clapping, and shouting his excitement in a loud cheer. He was so excited that he actually scared Declan!

I came flying around the corner wondering what all the commotion was about. Michael was praising Declan and declared his excitement about the dog howling. Yes folks, I saw more thrill out of Michael that day than I had on our wedding day or honeymoon. It was the dog that got him going. Of course, I took it as my right to tease him about it. 

Yet, I must admit, Declan’s howls are a sweet spot in Michael’s heart. Every time a siren goes off, our eyes shift to Declan as we wait in anticipation of his pronouncement.  Declan is less inclined to do it these days though, since they stopped using the sirens except for intersections now. We’re a bit disappointed. However, he’s still got it in him and we can fondly listen when he feels the gumption to let it out. 

Maybe deep down he wanted to be a fire dog. Sorry buddy. It looks like that you’re a little too old for that now. 

At least I know that I’m still Michael’s favourite, in spite of the fact that he gets more excited about the dog than me. Michael will mention from time to time to Declan that I’m more important. Declan has come to accept that, most times. Unless I interfere with his meals, walk, or play times. Or any other time he feels like Michael should be giving him the attention over me. 

All in all, I love my man and my dog. Here’s a little fun for you too (scroll down):

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