Infertility Prayer – For Renewed Hope

Dear Father, 

Thank you that we have another day on earth to shine Your light and fulfill more of Your purpose through us. Thank You that You are always faithful and filled with compassion. 

Lord, Solomon said that, “Delayed hope makes the heart sick, but fulfilled desire is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12). I know that this verse holds true for anyone who has struggled with infertility. The longer it goes, the more complicated it can be. 

This season that we’re in makes it very difficult. Everything is on hold. Doctor appointments, clinics, and labs are mostly all on pause. This can make couples’ hearts that much heavier as they long for answers and next steps. 

Father, I ask that You would renew and sustain hope within these couples. Give them an extra sense of Your presence. Show them that they can have a confident expectation in what You have planned for them. 

God, I pray that this time of slowing life down will connect this couple on a deeper level with You and with each other. I pray that You would bring clarity to their next steps. Please show them which direction they should pursue: IVF, adoption, fostering, etc. 

I also pray that You, our Miracle Worker, would open many barren wombs during this time. May You bring life to those who have delayed hope. Come and strengthen Your army. Lord, bless couples who have a relationship with You. Bless them with children that will desire an intimate relationship with You as well. May these newborn children become ambassadors for Your kingdom!

Father, I also want to take a moment to pray for all the couples who are currently expecting. I can imagine that fear is creeping into expectant moms’ hearts with this illness going around. I pray protection on them and their families. Please keep them healthy and strong. I pray that you would be with the doctors, nurses, midwives, husbands, and pregnant moms. Keep them all healthy and safe. Provide the best labours and deliveries in the history of the world right now so that the moms and babies can get home and back to safety.

Come and do miracles in this time as Your children look to You. I pray that Your power and authority will be seen in Your people, and that others will see that and turn to You. May our hearts, souls, and spirits be renewed and refreshed in You. I pray that we would find our strength in You alone through this time. I give You praise for what You are doing and have yet to do. 

I give the needs of everyone to You. I lift their heavy hearts to You and trust that You will meet their needs with Love and Compassion. You are the Great Physician. You are the Healer. You are the Great I Am.

Thank You that we can Praise You because of Jesus, 


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