Comfort Boxes


$14.95 is the base price for boxes. See below for each special treasure to fill your Comfort Box. They are all individually priced. Click on the images to enlarge pictures if needed.
All items are locally sourced through Canadian merchants.
If you’d like to send a Comfort Box to the USA or internationally, please email your box selections to [email protected] and we’ll send you a shipping quote.

Green Argyle Box
Purple Fireworks Flower Box
Doctor Box
Moustache Box
Floral Print Box
Lemon Box
Navy Flower Box
Heart Box
Blue Polka-Dot Box
Confetti Box
Nurse Bear Box
Red Tartan Plaid Box
Grief (+$1.99)
Healing (+$1.99)
Infertility (+$1.99)
Encouragement (+$1.99)
Thankful Journal 1 - Offering a space to record 3 things you're thankful for each day (+$4.95)
Thankful Journal 2 - Offering a space to record 3 things you're thankful for each day (+$4.95)
Prayer Journal - Inspiring people to focus on one attribute of God, think about where He's working, and 3 prayer requests for the day. This also gives a place to record answered prayers (+$4.95)
Blank Lined Journal 1 (+$4.95)
Blank Lined Journal 2 (+$4.95)
Blank Lined Journal 3 (+$4.95)
Infertility Journal - This journal has various areas to focus on for both daily and monthly sections (+$4.95)
Gummy Bears - Helping bear your burdens (+$4.50)
Fuzzy Peaches - You're sweet like a peach (+$4.50)
Sour Keys - Here's the key to unlock your thoughts (+$4.50)
Hershey's Hugs* - Hugs to you friend (+$6.00)
Skittles* - A rainbow came after the flood, so dance in the rain (+$7.50)
Give Your Burdens to the One who's already carried them for you (+$8.50)
You're stronger than you know (+$8.50)
Purple Flower (No Text) (+$8.50)
This season shall pass. With it will leave a mark of beauty in its wake (+$8.50)
Be Confident in God's strength and might (+$8.50)
"With You I can attack a barricade, and with my God I can leap over a wall" (+$8.50)
You are my joy and song in the night (+$8.50)
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium Roast Coffee (Fairtrade) (+$3.00)
Black Pearl Dark Roast Coffee (Fairtrade) (+$3.00)
Guatemala Decaf Coffee (Fairtrade) (+$3.00)
Bold Breakfast Tea - Rich & Classic Black Tea (Caffeine) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Heavenly Cream - Creamy, Velvety Black Tea (Caffeine) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Citron Calm - Chamomile & Lemongrass Tisane (Caffeine Free) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Tropical Green - Green Tea & Tropical Fruits (Caffeine) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Ginger Twist - Warming Ginger Tisane (Caffeine Free) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Masala Chai Classic - Indian Spiced Black Tea (Caffeine) (2 Pack) (+$2.50)
Milk Hot Chocolate (Milk 33.6%) Cocoa (+$3.00)
Caramel Hot Chocolate (31.1%) Cocoa (+$3.00)
Hot Chocolate (Dark 54.5%) Cocoa (+$3.00)
Would you like to leave a personal note for your friend? Select a card from the list and write a personal message to go inside. We'll include it in your special box.

Our hearts are with you as you grieve (+$1.75)
"The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit" (Forget-Me-Nots) (+$1.75)
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" (+$1.75)
We pray you're back in the race soon (+$1.75)
We're cheering you on to a speedy recovery (+$1.75)
"He makes everything beautiful in its own time" (+$1.75)
When we say yes to God in difficult decisions, we can catch glimpses of His glory all around (+$1.75)
No one can understand the pain you're going through. I can't understand it or fix it. But I want to be here for you and love you through it (+$1.75)
May the Lord be the light in your present darkness (+$1.75)
Keep on smiling (+$1.75)
I am thankful for you (+$1.75)
Comfort (No Text) (+$1.75)
Heart and plant (No text) (+$1.75)
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Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm